The foam concrete in practice

The foundations of family houses

We bring the heat to your home

Industrial floors

Solid and thermally stable base

Parksides and sidewalks

Runnig tracks and deformation of the pavements surface? That's the past!

Filling the vaults and uneven surfaces

Where static load does not allow heavy concrete

Production of prefabricates

As heat-insulating and fire-defying

Casting into the shell for underground constructions

Large-scale serial construction

Floor for residential units and family houses

Compensates, isolates and replaces other highly processed materials

Gradient layers

For roofs and areas

Production of building blocks

With features designed for production and its use

Pouring cavities for swimming pools

Ideal solutions for swimming pools

Special products

Constant development of special products for customers

Test fields for various tests

Active participations in different solutions in practice

Thanks to your demand, we are still developing and perfecting the foam concrete.