Sales of technology and equipment for the production of foam concrete 

Production and development of equipment for the production the foam concrete

  • industrial foam technical generator - mobile

Foam generator TL_101_GFM_8

  • industrial foam technical generator - stabile

Foam generator TL_102_GFS_8

  • foaming concentrate FC-1



Suggestions for realization of industrial floors, foundations of family houses  and other uses

     where the maximum quality, experience and professionalism in the given area is required

  • assessment of suplied raw materials from the point of wiew of suitability for use in the manufacture of foam concrete. 
  • designing a users recipe using its available components

  • geological survey related to industrial floor design

  • design of foam concrete-containing structure
  • industrial floors
  • the foundations of family houses


the technical sheet 

DS_302_FC 500IF

the technical sheet 

DS_301_FC 300-500CB